The menu at the Governer’s Cafe in Dover, Delaware had it listed as an Iced Spanish Latte. But this my friends, is a straight up café con leche, with condensed milk & shots of espresso, just like the hot ones my sister, Loolee introduced to me in the outdoor cafés of Centro Historico in Mexico City.

It was the summer before my senior year of high school, and I was there with Mom, visiting Loolee while she was on location. She was working out of Churobusco Studios for a little flick, James Bond’s License To Kill.

I developed a mad crush on the city, and on a young Benicio del Toro, pre-stardom. He always looked newly showered when he would hang out in the production offices, being nice to little sisters. whenever he wasn’t playing the villain for the cameras. Somewhere in my garage, there is a picture of us. Me, with my chubby cheeks and buck teeth wearing a tie-dyed shirt, sitting next to him, with his curly hair and black leather jacket, both of which I sniffed at when he wasn’t looking.

That fall, a casting director showed up to my drama class at Glendale High, scouting for a fresh unknown to play Benicio’s kidnapped teenage girlfriend in Drug Wars: The Camarena Story. She picked me and 3 other girls to read for it. I was pretty sure this was serendipity, not only for my acting career, but for my love life. I didn’t get the part, which was a bummer, because I really wanted to get thrown in the trunk and cry a lot. And sniff his leather jacket and curly hair again.

Who knew a caffeine stop in Dover during my Playfair tour would bring back some really rad memories.

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