Shepherd’s Pie sans Sheep-herd

A dear friend of mine who is a working mom of two just had emergency surgery for some pretty severe stomach and digestive issues. When she was released from the hospital, a few of us asked what she needed once she got home.

She texts to the group: “My mom’s got the kids, she’ll be overwhelmed. Meal train would be awesome when I’m home and off morphine.”

Who doesn’t love morphine? And a good meal train. I turn to my go-to recipe, Shepherd’s Pie, which is what everyone always requests of me for potlucks, which I can pretty much prepare in my sleep.

I’m the second one to text back. “I’m in for Tuesday!” Easy-peasy. I teach my fitness class at 9:30 that morning. I can churn a pie out by noonish.

Then she responds with, “Meals would be fierce! But…just a reminder, we’ve been vegetarian lately, and I can’t have gluten. So annoying. So…ZERO pressure. I totally understand, I know you have lives. I know I did, before my shit hit the fan.”

Well, shit indeed. My famous Shepherd’s Pie is made with real Shepherd! (Ok, fine, real ground beef. Sometimes turkey.) But… Continue reading “Shepherd’s Pie sans Sheep-herd”