An Actor’s Full Circle

It’s the mid-1970’s, I am 6 years old and I sit in front of my mom’s antique armoire every morning. This is my performance space. It has three long mirrors. A wide one in the center, and two moveable ones on the side so I can change focus at appropriate dramatic moments.

In the drawers,  I keep all my tools for prep. I have a ritual, where I methodically place make-up items on a laid out hand towel. Lipstick, powder puff, and a bottle of Johnson’s Baby Powder. I sprinkle powder onto the puff, and dust my entire face and neck till I’m covered in white, then finish it off with mom’s rejected Estée Lauder lipstick.

White face, red lips, now I’m ready to perform… Continue reading “An Actor’s Full Circle”

At War with the 15 Year Old Fat Girl in My Head

You can take the weight off a girl’s body, but can you take the mindset out of a woman’s psyche? Good question.

~ Performed live by Fran de Leon at Word Now, produced by Jill Remez.